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Historic Protection Area

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Historic Protection Area

When living in an historic neighborhood, all residents share the responsibility of protecting the unique character of that neighborhood for themselves and future generations. The Earlewood Protection Area Design Guidelines help residents improve their historic homes to fit their modern lifestyles while ensuring the preservation of Earlewood’s unique character and history.

Planning to add a fence? Pacing a driveway? Adding a porch? Make sure you consult the Earlewood Protection Area Design Guidelines before you get started. If you do not follow the correct process for review of your improvement plans, you may be subject to fines or having the structure demolished.

In 2005, Earlewood joined other Historically significant neighborhoods of the city to become a design protection area. This important designation will help to ensure that our neighborhood maintains its current charm, and it will continue to prosper as a successful residential community. View the Design Guidelines Document here. Also available is the Protection Area Map.

On July 20, 2005, Columbia City Council approved the Earlewood Design Protection Area. The Design Development review Commission (DDRC) of the City reviews new construction, additions, enclosures, demolition, as well as fences/walls for the majority of the neighborhood (Area A).

In other areas of the neighborhood (Area B), DDRC reviews new construction. The City also prepared guidelines to assist owners in developing new work that is compatible with the neighborhood. General maintenance and repair, painting, interior work and work not visible from the public way are not reviewed by the DDRC.

If you see work occurring in the neighborhood and don’t know whether or not it has been reviewed by the DDRC, you can contact Amy Moore at 803-545-3335 or email her here. Ms. Moore can look up the address and tell you whether or not the work has been approved.

If you are planning a project in Earlewood, please consult the Design Review Process to ensure that your plans will be approved.

Additional information and interactive maps are available at the Columbia Planning & Development Services website.

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