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Savannah Summers

… answers the Call of the Wild

Savannah SummersSavannah Summers, groomer and daughter of the owner of Critter Coiffures on Elmwood Avenue, quite naturally is an animal lover. But she takes that love a step further than most.

“Here at Critter Coiffures we carry products provided by Pets Incorporated and filter the funds back to them,” said the young Earlewood resident and budding entrepreneur.

“If you are interested in adopting a pet, please consider a rescue. Pets Inc. takes unwanted and unable to keep pets,” she said. “There are so many types of dogs and cats available.” Savannah often grooms the dogs and cats rescued by Pets Inc for free.

Savannah, who will soon turn 18, was born in Columbia, but lived on the barrier Islands, Johns Island and Seabrook Island most of her life. She grew up fostering a wide range of wild animals. She has cared for possums, raccoons, squirrels, birds and reptiles, including logger head turtles. Savannah also had a selection of personal pets, including, but not limited to frogs, lizards, turtles, fish, birds, cats, dogs and chickens!

From the age of 12, Savannah volunteered as an intern during the summers at the Barrier Island Environmental Center on Seabrook, and became a certified “Rescue Naturalist.” Soon after graduating from the South Carolina School of Dog Grooming she helped her mother open Critter Coiffures. Both recognized that the residents of Elmwood Park and Cottontown needed a convenient place to get their animals groomed. Critter Coiffures also offers boarding and pet-sitting services. Their business is located in Captain Telegram’s offices on Elmwood Avenue and the website is crittercoiffures.com.

Savannah lives on Keenan Drive with her mother, Leigh, and two brothers, Elijah and Solomon, plus two dogs and two cats.

What do you like about living in Earlewood?
I love Earlewood Park and that there are so many trees in our neighborhood. I live next to Smith Branch and a natural section of Earlewood Park, so there is a lot of wildlife nearby. We put out bird seed every day and have several cardinal families that live next door. Each morning they come and peck on my window to let me know they are hungry!

What improvements would you like to see in Earlewood?
I’m excited about the new dog park and can’t wait for it to open. This will be a great amenity for Earlewood Park and our neighborhood and I look forward to using it. I would like for Earlewood residents to be more involved in Pets, Inc. and support the work they do.


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